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A No-Nonsense Installation Team

We have very experienced teams that have been with us since we have opened! We care about our work. Our installers go back in experience as far as 1973. We are a no-nonsense team. We are there to do work and get it done. We stay on our jobs until we are finished. Our work is done in a timely matter. We are proud of all our work. We make sure that our customers are happy in the end. To schedule installation services, please contact us.


We offer several options for financial assistance. Please contact us for information.

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*** 3% Service Charge for Credit Cards

Free Estimates By Floor Fx

A request for an estimate allows us to come to you and see exactly what needs to be done in the area you wish to have installed. This is important for you to know whether there is more or less work involved. For example, filling floors, needing plywood, or rep work in general. This way there are no surprises and you can see if this service will fit in your budget, so you can pick your product accordingly.

We do estimates on all floor covering: carpets, woods and natural products, laminates, vinyl products, lino and fiber floors, and tile. We are usually take 15-30 minutes for a measure. It really depends on how big the area is to be measured. If a product has been picked, we then do an estimate according to what needs to be done to complete the job. Please contact us for assistance.

Shop at Home

In this busy life we work according to consumers schedule. We take samples to your home and try to make your life easy! 



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